Monstrous Efforts, Incredible Results

We strive to digitally market and expose businesses to their prospects through great Responsive Web Design, Brand Identity, Digital Marketing, and Google Certified Photography to produce truly incredible results.

What We Know

In the digital world trends come and go, and we understand what to avoid and what to take in. With over 75 years of combined experience, our seasoned team of designers, developers, photographers, and writers know how important it is to work as a unit. Today’s digital landscape is a much more refined, unified and interconnected world than it was ten years ago. So by continuing to learn new concepts and applying up-to-date best practice, we stay relevant. We use the knowledge we’ve gained to our advantage but we also continually educate ourselves on what’s new and exciting. We strive to become better and while we can’t be all things to all people we can say this;
Gamma Ray Media consists of a strong team of people who live in Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL, bonded by hard work and talent. And to put it bluntly, we know exactly what NOT to do.

As one of Atlanta’s best kept secrets, we focus our efforts on client education, hiring locally, and most importantly great communication.  In other words, every responsive web design, branding, digital marketing, or photography project is 100% USA produced by seasoned professionals, with no dependence on foreign labor.   

Our Team

Quinn Borland

Managing Partner

Stuart Borders

Web Development

DJ Jennings


How We Work

1 Discover

Before the first click, brush or key stroke is made, a robust and informational audit must be performed. By finding out what makes a company tick, we learn how to build a plan to fit the unique profile, goals, and identity.

2 Target

Now it’s time for a concrete, directional marketing package that makes sense. The days of good/better/best are gone. We know every company is unique which is why we build a custom marketing package based on recommendations that specifically fit the current business climate.

3 Produce

We have some of the best and brightest talent in the Southeast and our work shows it. Without a doubt, our seasoned designers, developers, photographers and copywriters make this company what it is. Let us create something truly incredible.

4 Expose

Now it’s time to make a mark on the world. Launch (Or relaunch) a new campaign, platform, brand or focus. Engage prospects and thrill clients! Once the pieces are all in place, the real work begins. Let Gamma Ray Media continue to help drive business and exposure with an ongoing monthly service package.