Monthly Marketing Packages

Combined Services Management

Every company has a different set of challenges and needs. Companies are now learning their needs do not fall into any one category. Business A – may need branding and web design, while Business B – may need social media management and content creation or graphic design and infographics. With so many combinations of services it is sometimes hard to get a grip on it before it gets away from you.

Our approach to this does not follow the ‘Good, better, best’ mentality. While this may have worked in the past, most companies know their needs are as unique as the company itself. This is why we’ve developed a much broader approach to the digital marketing retainer. In the beginning our role is simple, we listen.

We need to learn about your company, your process, your people, and your mission. Without knowing this, you may as well just start throwing darts and hope something sticks. Once we can sit down, consult with you and understand where you’re coming from, we will be able to analyze the needs, budget and chart a course. We’ll put together a solid solution that is prioritized by any number of factors including but not limited to; ROI, demographics, product changes, events, seasonal challenges, trend flow, retail vs wholesale, eCommerce vs brick and mortar to name a few.

Our goal is to present a custom package that specifically targets the weak points in a company’s digital presence, image, and exposure. These monthly marketing packages start with a 15-hour minimum per month and the great news is, you can choose to start small with one of our a 3-month packages. No more forced 12-month annual contracts!