Photo and Inside View

Point, Click, Pick

Believe it or not, professional photography is one of the major key items to a company’s identity. Unfortunately, it is also sometimes one of the most overlooked components to a strong brand and company identity. Great photography is more than just knowing how to work a camera. We plan our sessions based on availability and logistical constrictions. How do you get everyone in one place at the same time? Who is answering the phones? We understand these constraints and work to make sure our presence is as non-intrusive as possible to the normal workday routine.

We Offer

Corporate Headshot Photography – Every company needs ’em
Google Inside View 360 – Virtual tours are great for showrooms, factories, auto dealerships, event centers, brick and mortar or any retail environment
Interior Photography – For showrooms, offices, factories, retail stores
Drone Footage – We also offer drone services for any wide, panoramic, or overhead shots that may be necessary

Our photographers are not only great behind the lens, they are also amazing graphic designers. Why is this important? As designers, our guys (And gals) are able to lend an artist’s eye to every photo taken. Consequently this talent comes in handy for photographing products, showrooms, drone footage or exterior wide-angle shots. Once the images are chosen, they are then processed with Photoshop to optimize all ranges of color, light, tone and focus. This results in some of the most clear and flattering images your company has ever seen.

The most frequently asked question we get is ‘How long will this take’? While each session is different, most shoots take around two hours including setup and breakdown.

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