Web Design

The New Brick and Mortar

A company’s digital identity is the keystone to new business and awareness. A responsive website is one of the first and most important stops when a prospect pays due diligence. It only takes a few seconds to make a lasting impression, good or bad. Great responsive web design can help.
A company’s website and online identity should evoke a sense of pride, not concern. How will prospects react when (And if) they find the website?

The landscape has changed. Marketing has changed. Let us help you stay relevant.

Responsive Web Design and Going Mobile

With the mass adoption of the smart phone and eventually the mobile tablet, the world changed how it interacted with websites online. Responsive web design was created from the drastic increases in mobile viewing and mobile experience. Because of this, responsive web design continues to grow and change at a highly accelerated rate.
Remember the first cordless Wi Fi connections? What freedom! No more wires and a world of opportunity. Users of laptops in the office and at home throughout the world cheered and life was good. Then with the birth of the tablet and iPad things got even more interesting. No more lugging around clunky laptops? Again the world cheered and life was good. This was the turning point for responsive web design.
The speed of adoption of this new mobility brought many problems with it especially when it came to websites and web designers. While many made the transition to throw out the old ideas and learn responsive web design, many developers chose to stick to the old ways which causes trouble to this day. Historically most any website built before 2012 is considered non-responsive, or not ‘Mobile friendly’. In most cases, these types of websites can be viewed on mobile devices but the experience is cumbersome and unpleasant. Instead of reconfiguring themselves in accordance with current responsive web design standards, these websites shrink down in an attempt to display on mobile screens. This of course leads to user frustration and eventual abandonment as most clickable areas are now too small to touch or properly navigate.
With the continued decline in print advertising, companies rely on a strong web presence now more than ever. This is why a great, responsive web design continues to be one of the most important pieces to any company, big or small.
So when the time comes to look at a rebuild, we hope you will consider Gamma Ray Media as your exclusive responsive web design partner or Monthly Marketing Manager.

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