2017 Google Chrome Update

Putting out Fire with Gasoline: Google’s New Chrome Update Could List Websites as Unsafe

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2017 Google Chrome Update – What is it?

On or around January 31’st of this month Google plans to release version 56 of the Chrome web browser. Historically Google Chrome has been known as one of the safest browsers in the world. Today they continue to lead the pack with their latest 2017 Google Chrome Update by placing warning labels on any non ‘https’ based website being viewed on Chrome.  That’s right folks, websites that do not contain an annually renewable security certificate, or SSL will be listed as ‘NOT SECURE’.  This update will be rolled out in phases and will most definitely give unsafe or ‘not secure’ warnings in address bars and credit card fields, and it will cover both standard and incognito browser modes.  While this bold move is meant to help keep us all a little safer, it may also have devastating results for any eCommerce, transaction based, or  membership based company or vendor.

What to do

Step 1: Find out who is really in charge of your website management.  Typically this would be a Marketing or Web Design Company but in some cases the company business owner, marketing manager, or IT support tech may hold the reins.

Step 2: Next, find out if the website is set up with an SSL Security Certificate.  Sometimes it’s as easy as looking at the URL address bar.  If it has https://  this means the website is secure.safe-browsing-ssl-url

If the URL does not contain the ‘S’ in http’s’, you may need to contact your web administrator very soon.  safe-browsing-no-ssl

Step 3:  From there your trusted website support specialist should be able to easily install a security certificate to keep your web presence in good standing with the right kind of exposure to your viewers, prospects, and customers.  These security measures will need annual (12 month) renewals and the cost is typically less than $200 per year.

For more information on this and other website security browsing topics or questions don’t hesitate to contact us here.