Digital Media Services

The Gamma Ray Effect

What makes a company great? What makes a company endure? At Gamma Ray Media – an award winning digital media company, we know for sure that our team, our disciplines, and our passion make us pretty good. Our 75+ combined years of experience is what give us value, makes us unique. We know how to navigate the twists, turns, bumps and dips of the traditional and digital marketing worlds. But we want to be better.
Know your limits – Although we cast a wide net we choose to be great at a few things instead of settling for mediocrity. This is also why our 100% US-based production team is the most important piece to the company’s success and growth.

Our Focus – Web design, brand identity, digital marketing, Google inside view, photography, messaging/content marketing, and collateral material design. These offerings allow us to be the ‘go-to’ vendor for our clients in both digital and print media, and our Monthly Marketing Packages are specifically designed to accommodate almost any need. This wide spectrum of ongoing service and support is what we refer to as ‘The Gamma Ray Effect’.

100% USA Production

While some companies choose to farm out their web design and digital media services, we choose to work locally with some of the most seasoned artists and programmers in Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama. If we’re not experts at it, we don’t offer it which keeps us focused. Because of this, our margins are thinner but it allows us to produce some of the most amazing websites, brands, photos and media campaigns in the Southeast. Something that we, and more importantly our clients can be proud of.

So when the time is right for any of these digital media services, consider working with a company that guarantees 100% USA production.
Consider Gamma Ray Media.