Brand Identity

What’s Your Story?

In this new digital age, prospects and clients are able to find what they need in a matter of seconds. This promotes a more competitive environment while creating an ever-changing landscape of brand awareness. How you look plays a key role in your success now more than ever. What makes you different, unique, memorable? Will you stand out? A brand identity can tell a story in seconds and leave a lasting imprint on your prospects and clients. Will the brand leave something to be desired or scare away potential clients? Let Gamma Ray revisit the existing brand identity and branding efforts to see how they stack up by today’s standards.

From designing tiny digital banner ads to print collateral design to full company-wide rebranding efforts, Gamma Ray Media has the tools to help your company image and message. The key to our success is our experienced, talented designers. While many design agencies find it economical to hire greenhorns, we work with only seasoned veterans, art directors and accomplished graphic artists to ensure professional quality on almost any scale. Our brand identity team has over 20 years of in-the-trenches experience and it shows. So when it’s time to rebrand, update collateral, or just refresh an outdated message, consider Gamma Ray Media. Let us help rediscover your secret identity.