Social Media Management

Expose Yourself…

…with social media management. How do companies expose themselves to prospects and customers on a regular basis? Random posts on Facebook? A few tweets here and there? Social Media Management is the gateway to new business.
FACT: People enjoy connecting with each other, it’s in our nature. This includes the sharing of interests, style, music and even buying preferences.
FACT: In addition, these platforms contain the world’s largest captive audience. Get the word out and utilize this enormous database of information to target millions of users (Billions on Facebook).

How It Works

Over time proper growth of these social platforms can help establish strong and lasting online exposure for almost any comany. This is why we constantly target all relevant demographics on a DAILY basis for most social media platforms. With our Social Media Management process we follow best practice with a 80/20 split between content marketing and product placement. So in addition to talking about the company, we give the products and services some space. We share amazing articles and interesting tid-bits of factual knowledge like life hacks, modern designs, or even humor.

Social Media is no longer a ‘time waster’. It is a way to connect and a resource for leads that have already been pre-sorted, categorized, qualified, quantified and geographically pinged. Marketing has changed, and ongoing Social Media Management is a part of it. With our Monthly Marketing Packages we can help you stay relevant in today’s market and gain some well needed exposure.

Platforms Offered
Google Plus, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, YouTube
Platforms Not Offered
Everything else