Gamma Ray Media Awarded – 2016 Business to Watch

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There are many things in the life of a small company that would be considered milestones: first client, first dollar earned, 1 year mark, first full-time employee,etc….  This of course is balanced by challenges and obstacles that are unavoidable for a growing business, and when coupled with a fear of failure, can be a recipe for disaster.  As a business owner these accomplishments and struggles bring about a true sense of pride in knowing that with inevitable instability, things can still be right on track, even when we fall short of our goals.
Then sometimes, from out of nowhere something truly amazing happens. In our case, we got noticed! And as bad luck would have it, we almost missed the opportunity. We received an email from the Cobb Chamber of Commerce in June letting us know we’d won the 2016 Business to Watch award! This was a jaw-dropper to say the least. We spend most of our time with the blinders on building responsive websites, creating brand identities and managing social media but Funnily enough, the initial email they sent of course went to a Spam folder. We didn’t even realize we’d won until a few weeks later. Then they sent out a very nice and patient second email follow up to make sure we knew we’d won, or if we even wanted it. They were very understanding when we told them what happened, and everybody had a good laugh. We are honored to have been selected for this amazing award, and without the Cobb Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber’s own Pam Fennimore’s encouragement to join, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So while we continue to evolve and sometimes experience growing pains along the way, our confidence is renewed, our work is better than it has ever been, and our team continues to grow at a rate that we never imagined. Moral of the story? CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER REGULARLY! So thank you Cobb Chamber of Commerce, and Smith & Howard for sponsoring this wonderful program and for giving us a chance and the opportunity to show the Southeast what Gamma Ray Media is made of.
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