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Extreme Color – Supporting Local Business

We’ve known and worked with the folks at Extreme Color/Digital Printing Solutions for a few years and in that time we’ve learned a few things….  They do great work, and they truly believe in supporting local business.   As a local Cobb County business, it means a great deal to work with others in the area and support each other wherever we can.   We knew our project bid for website redesign would not be the cheapest but the value of local service, support, and 100% GA based production seemed to be key for the client and the project.  Because of these practices, we were honored to be chosen for the redesign.  Now comes the hard part.  How do you fit two websites for two businesses into one new singular website that combines all services for both, looks great and remains easy to navigate without confusion?   Needless to say, this was a challenge and we had fun figuring it out.

About the Company

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Extreme Color and DPS  are a family-owned and operated, non-chain, large format printing, vehicle wrap, graphics company located in Marietta, GA.   They also provide reprographic services for architects and builders under the brand Digital Printing Solutions.  Almost all work is done in-house which is a rarity in the printing business these days.  They have a full inventory of printers, routers, and machinery they not only use but rent out as well.  These top-of-the-line printers and equipment have been rented and used on countless movies and television shows produced in Atlanta.  From Captain America to The Fast and the Furious, there’s a big chance Extreme Color’s work can be seen in most blockbusters these days.  Remember the grey Russian helicopter with the red star from F8: Fate of the Furious?  That was a vehicle wrap done by none other than the one and only Extreme Team.

“We provide large format printing equipment onsite that allows the film crew to print drawings for the construction of studio sets as well as produce most of the graphics seen in the show.  We have also provided in house printing services for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2’, ‘Captain America Winter Soldier’, ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’, ‘Fate of the Furious’, even ‘McGyver’ to name a few.  Extreme Color is proud to be a preferred vendor for many of the Film and TV projects in Georgia.” Todd O’Neil – VP Extreme Color/DPS

Vehicle wraps are another staple in the Extreme Color arsenal.  This company can wrap anything and they’ve been doing it for years so the quality of the work shows through.

“We are a 1-stop location for any kind of vehicle graphics needs from custom color changes in exotic finishes to custom designed full wraps and simple lettering that stay on brand and make a big impact at a great value.  In many cases we design the wrap which is an extremely fulfilling creative outlet.  What is really cool and unique, is the direct collaboration with our customers that often turns into lifetime friendships as we work to grow our businesses together.  We have excellent customers and seeing them succeed is as satisfactory as seeing family succeed.”

Extreme Color/DPS – More than just a print shop.

Extreme Color Services Offered

Extreme Color Additional Services


About the Project

This project was a real challenge due to the amount of services offered as well as the incorporation and co-brand of a second company into the website.  We took the original Extreme Color and DPS Reprographics websites and combined them into one amazing, responsive, and beautiful website.  Our goal was to give it a modern and uncluttered look that appeals to both women and men.  Then we had to figure out how to make the website easy to navigate and read while showcasing over forty pages of content and services.  One of the ways we achieved this was by co-branding the DPS Reprographics pages.  By doing this we were able to give DPR its own branded section on the website which makes it super easy to navigate within this specific area.  Also, by using the DPS brand we hope to cut down on customer confusion during the transition to the new Extreme Color/DPS single parent website.

Like many companies, Extreme Color/DPS relies heavily on imagery and color with the kind of services they offer.  It’s important to understand how valuable work examples are in this highly competitive print/vehicle wrap industry.  For this project, photography and graphics are as important as the content.  Thanks to the great team at Extreme Color/DPS for working with us and providing some stunning images that translate so well to web.  Check it all out HERE and let us know what you think!

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