Atlanta Decking Manufacturer Gets a New Brand

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Every now and then we have a unique opportunity to work with clients that allow us to use our full capabilities as a media company.  A few months back we partnered with local high-end decking manufacturer, Terraza USA (A division of Parklex).  They were in the early stages of launching an innovative laminate decking alternative to the US.  As luck would have it we connected on Linkedin, and we soon became their go-to for any and all marketing, web design, graphic design, and copywriting (And social media management soon).  We could not be more excited about this project, and by being involved from the beginning we can’t help but feel great pride in watching the Terraza brand and company grow.

About the Company

– With their parent company, Parklex located in the beautiful Basque region of Spain, this decking manufacturer has been innovating the industry in Europe for decades.  Terraza/Parklex is committed to manufacturing HPL products that are durable, easy to maintain and that emphasize the natural beauty of real wood.  While not all products are available yet in the US, they have a plan to roll out new and innovative decking/flooring wood alternatives over the next 12-18 months.

About the Products

–  Terraza decking product is something quite different than anything the American market has ever seen.  While technically these decking planks fall into the ‘Composite decking’ category, this product is much, much more.  To the folks at Terraza, the correct term for the type of decking is ‘high-pressure laminate‘ or HPL.   Until now, the only HPL (Composite) decking products available in the US come from either Azek or Trex. And while these companies both produce quality materials that are extremely long-lasting, they do not offer anything that is both utilitarian and beautiful.  That’s where Terraza decking comes in. Each plank of HPL is topped with a real piece of wood which is pressurized leaving the natural wood grains on the plank during production.  Each plank is fitted with a new piece of wood making each unit completely unique which removes the hassle of lining up seams or separating duplicates.   Currently available in four distinct colors (Not stains), these HPL alternatives can be glued or screwed down depending on preference and location.

About the Project

– We were tasked with taking on the whole ball of wax.  No pressure.  Pun intended.  Web Design, branding, and print collateral design.  First we designed the logo which made it’s way to a 70-person focus group for feedback.  These two did NOT make the cut.

terraza-logo-development-gamma-ray-media-6 terraza-logo-development-gamma-ray-media-7

Once the logo was finalized we started working on messaging and collateral materials/brochures.  For the first one we went with a 17×11 layout with a center fold.  Check out the whole brochure HERE

Terraza-gamma-ray-media-1             Terraza-gamma-ray-media-2

During this time we also employed our web design skills which helped Terraza round out the first phase of marketing and branding for this growing company.  The designs here are minimal, staying true to the clean and clutter-free brand.  CHECK IT OUT!


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