Why Rebuild a Website?

Image and Perception

Why on Earth would anyone need a website redesign? We hear great tales about older generation websites every day and how they ‘work just fine’. With most companies, image plays a major role in both marketing and sales. To offer an outdated non-responsive website these days is like handing someone a business card with a new phone number written in ballpoint pen. The days of ‘This is who we are, this is what we do’ solutions are over. Websites are a living, breathing, integral piece to any company regardless of the industry. Yellow Pages are dead and people now pay due diligence by first looking at a company’s website. Is it old? Is it embarrassing? Even if it looks passable to the eye, what is going on behind the scenes? What language is it written in, and who actually owns it? While older websites may be familiar or even properly branded on the outside, it’s important to take a close look at what’s under the hood because search engines care about what is behind the curtain. Time for a website redesign? Maybe.

Let’s look at the 2015-2017 construction of Suntrust Park. Why does Atlanta need a new baseball stadium? Turner field was completed in 1996 and it appears to be in good shape. Or at least on the surface. Very few people see what’s really going on unless they look hard enough. While the paint may not be faded or chipping, the seats are crumbling, the septic lines are backing up, the city won’t help, capacity is beyond the demand, and most importantly the team doesn’t own it!

So regardless of if a website looks great or passable, it might be time to start paying attention to it again. A website redesign can help an organization consistently bring in viewers, create lasting impressions and most importantly build business.

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